Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday April 10, 2009: Badminton

I woke up today around ten and went to use the restroom. I waited for the bathroom and then went off to eat breakfast. For breakfast there was bread, cracker like bread, and cereal. Honey, butter, chicken, Nutella, Fig jam, a tiny bite of goose is what I had with my bread. Special K Nature cereal and then I went to my room and listened to music and played Solitaire on my iPod for about an hour. Then I brushed my teeth and asked if I could use the computer to type. I typed until lunch which they had pork with mushroom inside rice flour. I had a banana, orange, cookies, crackers, and pudding for lunch. Then I went back to typing. Around 4:30 Evelyne said that we were going to the park. So I got ready by putting on jeans, putting up my hair, and putting sunscreen on. I went outside to wait and played Badminton with Evelyne then Elise. When her mother came out, her father, mother, Elise, her, and me got in the car and drove to Germany. There was a park on the border and we parked in Germany and walked over the river into France. I played Badminton with Elise and Evelyne played with her father. Then I rode around the park on their bike. I sat for a few minutes until they got up and walked over to the kid playground. I climbed on the ropes and a little girl was saying something to me but I didn't know what she said so I just smiled. I played Badminton with Elise again until we left. We went to McDonald's for dinner but then we left because I wanted grilled chicken but I guess they didn't have it so we left. I told them I was fine but we went to another fast food place and I got a chicken sandwich, French fries, and an orange drink. We had ice cream afterwards (I got vanilla with chocolate pieces in it) and looked in shops until we reached the car. We drove back into France and close to their home we stopped at another fast food restaurant (Quick or something like that) and picked up dinner for her brother. We arrived at home and I finished writing my blog entries because we are going shopping tomorrow. Finally one more day!!

Thursday April 9, 2009: If our dances were like this....

What an amazing dance party!!!!!!!!!! It was soooo much fun and the whole day was nice too. Woke up, got ready, ate breakfast (banana, granola looking cereal, and Special K Nature), brushed teeth, and left. I listened to my iPod on the way to school. Close to school we met up with Justine who said that the school is like a prison haha! She said she had to be there 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. Until 11 because of the dance. We entered the playground area and left soon to go to the bus and go look at pottery. I thought we were going to be making pottery and I was disappointed that we weren't. I sat next to Amanda on the bus (charter of course haha!). I was wondering why we always took charter buses everywhere and just realized that in France there are not any school buses. There are city buses, trams, trains, bikes,walking, or car for your transportation. The town we enter was sort of like the other town we went into except that the other town was nicer looking than this town. A man gave us a tour of the pottery process. He said that this was an old company making traditional pottery from Medieval times just with better equipment. The pottery looked very nice but I did not want to get any of it because I didn't think it was my style. There was another pottery store cross the street and I found pottery that I liked and bought. I thought it was cheaper than the other store. I also went into another pottery store with more expensive pottery. After we left that store we got back on the bus and leave except some students and two teachers were missing so we drove around in a circle looking for them and when we reached our starting point again, they were not able to be found. A minute later they walked up to the bus and got on and we left. We drove to the town where we would be visiting the Roman spa and went to the restroom and ate lunch. We walked over to a little park next to a river that looked like it used to be a street. We relaxed there for awhile and then left to go to the spa. I took pictures of flowers, the river, and a spider then layed down and relaxed until we left to go to the spa. Ryan got me vanilla ice cream which was really good!! We had trouble finding the spa but we finally did and we got cards to stick in a machine to let us in. We went into little changing stalls that lead to lockers for you to put your things in and lock with a key on a bracelet that you can put on your wrist. I changed, out my things into a locker, and went to the spa. It was very nice; it was indoors and seemed very relaxing. That is what it was made for, to be relaxing. I rinsed off first and then entered the pool. It was warm but not too warm. The newt pool was warmer and the next was warm too. There were two pools off to the side; one was very, very warm and the other was very, very cold!! There was a tanning room (I didn't go in it) and a room that you sat in to get your sinuses cleaned out. The smell of the room was a very strong smell of herbs and it was hard to breathe in there but I sat in there for a little bit because someone said it was good. There were outside pools and I went into one. We spent about two to three hours at the spa. We got dressed again and I got dressed for the dance and a few other people did too. We rode back to the school and the traffic was heavy. We arrived at the school and there were students waiting to go into the dance and there was food. We didn't have to pay but the other students had to. It was mainly desserts; cakes, cookies,brownies; but there were pretzels, soft and hard, a little pizza that was quickly gone, and drinks. We had to check our bags and soon the dance started. There were not really too many older students at the dance, they were mainly younger than us. The dance was being held in the downstairs part were the students play ping pong/table tennis. It was really cool!! It was dark but there were lights flashing from the stage so you could see. There were DJs and a fog machine and the music was good too!! Mostly dance music and all songs with a bass. We mainly just jumped around and formed groups that would shout or make a circle around someone who was dancing. Ms. Kidwell and Ms. Peoples came down later and danced and Mr. Hagar came down to take pictures. The bass broke around 9ish and we waited around hoping that it would get fixed. Finally it was and we went back to dancing. The crowd kept getting smaller and finally we had to leave ending the night with 'Daddy Cool'! If we had dances like this where we live, I would want to go!!! Other people said the same thing too! Evelyne's parents and sister came to pick us (Evelyne, her younger sister Elise, and me were all at the dance) up in their car. They drove us home and had pizza from Pizza Hut. I had this chicken and an onion like pizza which was different and not too bad. Strawberries were for dessert and I went to be before them and it was late, almost midnight! I got ready for bed and slept. Two more days until home!

Wednesday April 8, 2009: Blue Fire!!!

I didn't expect to have a fun day today but I did!! We went to Europa Park in Germany and I wasn't feeling to well. I slept on the way over to the park which was about a 40 minute drive from the school. We left around 8:20 on two charter buses and I sat next to Coty towards the back of the bus. The morning started off normal except my alarm went off at 6:00 a.m. for some reason. I do not remember setting it but I did use it to wake up on Tuesday. Breakfast I had a granola looking bar put in milk (I first tired it with chocolate powder on top a few mornings ago but I don't think the chocolate does anything haha) and Special K Nature cereal (the same Special K as before). Once we reached school I left with a few other students to meet everyone else close to the bus. First there was only one bus but shortly another bus arrived. We got to Europa Park and I wasn't feeling very well. :( All I wanted to do was sleep and go to the bathroom. I couldn't wait to go home. We had to get into groups of at least five with at least one French student. In my group (we were able to pick who was in our group) to start off with was Amanda, Coty, Jessica, Madison, Justine, Evelyne, Emma, Ann, a man I don't know (maybe he was a teacher but I have not seen him before), Halena, Muret, Sébastien, Camille, and I think that was it. We headed off and went in Ghost Castle which was a haunted house with a ride. Then we went to Switzerland and rode the Swiss Bob Run. I sat with Jessica and we were in the 'France' cart. It was pretty fun and it did not have flips and it wasn't exactly connected to its track. Then some of the group bought chocolate in the store. It was Swiss chocolate and I got a piece of regular milk chocolate, white chocolate (I thought these to were good!!), and chocolate with a strawberry filling I think. Everyone had two check in times: eleven o' clock and three o' clock. We met in 'France' near a bridge and at 4:45, when we had to leave, that is where we met. I also rode Fjord-Rafting (like white water rafting),Vindjammer (a pirate ship that swings back and forth getting higher. It was better than I thought it would be!). We stood in line for Eurosat but something was wrong with the ride so we went somewhere else. While we were waiting in line for it, I ate a duck and pickle sandwich. I really didn't want to be eating duck so it was horrible trying to eat it without grimacing so halfway through the sandwich, I just ate the top part of the bread without duck or pickle haha! We stopped a little later and others finished their lunch like me or went and bought lunch. I also had a croissant apple cake which was pretty good (I had almond for breakfast a few mornings ago haha!) and a crepe with chocolate and crunchy round things. I stood in line for the Blue Fire (which is new and amazing haha!) with Amanda, Sébastien, Madison, Justine, Halena, Camille, and Emma. I rode with Madison in the second row behind Amanda and Sébastien. When the bar has you locked in, the handle bar part is a metal that takes your pulse! When you get on, the ride takes you around a corner then shoots you out of the tunnel!! It was soooooo much fun!!! It was such a long wait though, over an hour. After the check in time I got chocolate chip ice cream and went in line for the Silver Star. I heard it was the second biggest ride! I rode on the outside next to Emma. Once it starts, it climbs to very tall height then drops you almost 90°!! It was a lot of fun so we did it again and I rode in the first cart on the outside again but newt to Sébastien. When we had to finally leave, I was a little sad because I didn't get to ride everything I wanted. A lot of the good rides have really long lines for a ride that lasts a minute haha! I rode on the same bus next to Coty and we listened to his music. He started to make sentences out of his song names and some sounded pretty good haha!! When we got back, Evelyne and I walked to the tram and took it home. I took out my contacts, had a banana and bread, took a shower, and then went on the computer to write an email (but not send it) and start my posts for my blog (but not post the posts because there the Internet does not work. For dinner we had rice, chicken and carrots, and beets. There were cashews and Magi but I only added cashews. I went back to the computer until dessert which was sliced apples, M+M's, Reese's Pieces, Jelly Beans, chocolates that are like Whoopers, and Salt Water Candy. I am going to get ready for bed now and tomorrow we are looking at pottery in the morning, going to a spa in the afternoon, and then going to a dance in the evening into the night! Three more days!!!

Tuesday April 7, 2009: Sick :(

I didn't really like today because I didn't feel so good at the end of the day. Woke up and got ready like normal. Ate Special K and then finished getting ready. We arrived at school and today is the day when the French students have gym class. We got to play a version of dodge ball with them, French versus Americans. We split up on to two different sides that were divided by benches. We had to stay in a certain area and try not to get hit by the ball. There was only one ball in the first game and two in the second. In the area that you could not go in was where the other team went if they got hit with the ball. They could be thrown the ball and hit you. I understood the game better in the second game but the Americans lost both games. :( Then we went to go bowling. We walked to the bowling alley and got into lanes with four people. We were then told that we could have five people. We got our shoes on and the teachers had us split up from the French and move down a few lanes. In my lane was Amanda (it was her birthday!), Madison, Molly, Zack, and Coty. I did poorly in the first game but better in the second game. At 11:30 we finished bowling and were allowed to leave with our students to have lunch and be back at the school at 3. Tara, Amanda, Sara, Evelyne, Emma, and I walked back to the school to give Tara to her host student and pick up Kim and out to eat lunch. We went to a Turkish place to get sandwiches in pita bread with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and ranch dressing. Sara and Amanda did not want it so Emma waited with them while Kim and Evelyne got their sandwiches along with mine. We walked around for a bit with us three eating and then Emma took Amanda and Sara to McDonald's. I didn't really like the sauce and the whole thing wasn't that great but I ate some of it then ate the pita. We met up with them and sat down while they ate. Another girl was there with us (I cannot remember her name) and I was still hugry so she went with me to get a apple donut which was pretty god. After we were done eating, we looked through shops and went to a make-up shop then we had to head back to school because the French had class at two. We waited in the playground area (with other Americans too) and I layed down on the bench slept a little and talked to Coty. When the teachers and other students arrived at three, I wasn't feeling very well and took some medicine. It was very warm outside but I was cold then hot, cold then hot. We had a lady who was taking us to the Parliament building. We rode the tram to the Parliament building which was big with lots of windows and looked very nice. We had a tour of the building and it was very nice inside, we had to go through security before entering like the airport. We also watched a video and he spoke to us. I had a hard tile staying awake (along with other people haha). It is very hard to wake yourself back up if you are tired. We moved onto another the last room which was a bigger version of the room we were just in; lots of seat with earphones and microphones, this was were they had meetings, they were rooms for translators. I took pictures of the room. Then we were done and the tour guide lead us out and we went through a room that we could pick up information about the Parliament, a map, and a poster. We left on the tram and headed back to the school. Evelyne had class until seven and we got back to the school around six. I wasn't allowed to be at the Internet shop which is what Evelyne wanted me to do but I just sat around in the playground area with other students waiting for seven o' clock. When her class was over we went back home. Dinner was chicken and vegetables. I showered and got ready for bed, tomorrow is Europa Park!

Monday April 7, 2009: PARIS!

I had to wake up at 4:30 a.m. this morning but kept waking up throughout the night so I woke up in time just before my alarm went off. I got ready and ate breakfast, Special K and then got ready to leave. Evelyne's father was taking me to the train station but first we stopped by his shop for some reason I do not know. But we made it to the station and the Americans gathered around and got our tickets and boarded the train. I sat next to Mrs. Weaver and listened to music, slept a little, and read my book, Living Dead In Dallas on the way to Paris. Some French people I have talked to said Paris was really beautiful and nice but at first it wasn't but then it looked a lot nicer when we got on the bus and toured around the city. There were many old buildings with some having gold on them! I took pictures but it is kind of hard to do while sitting in a moving bus haha! We stopped at Notre Dame which is a Cathedral and we quickly went in and out because we had to be at the Effifel Tower at eleven o' clock. Wow is what I have to say about the tower. It is amazing, so tall and complicated. I wonder how some of these structures (churches, statues,...) were built back then with less technology. It was really cool. While we were waiting for our tickets, men came up to us asking if we would like to buy key chains and miniature Effifel towers. Two key chains for one Euro and I and other students bought it. I didn't know that the men selling these items were illegal and not allowed to sell until I saw a police officer on a bike chasing them away when we were coming off the tower. Haha! We rode up on an elevator to the second floor of the tower and I went to the bathroom and then took pictures of the view. We could not go all the way to the top of the tower because I think there was wok bing done so I went into the gift shop and bought some gifts. Then we had lunch in the grass on the ground below the Effifel Tower. I bought chocolate ice cream and then we headed off to the Louvre, an art museum. We toured through that, seeing some interesting sculptures and paintings, and also seeing Mona Lisa! Why is she so famous? Our tour guide wasn't sure but she is smiling and there is no religious reference in the painting, and the portrait might have started out as a self portrait We had a little free time to wander around the part of the building where there were stores. I went to Starbucks with Aryn and bought a chocolate milkshake and cinnamon roll. Then we looked in a store but did not find anything so we went to the meeting spot. As soon as we were all there and counted, we went outside and looked at a structure and hung out for a few minutes before heading back to the bus. We went back to the train station and went through a 'sex' street which everyone was talking about a few pictures were taken. It was on the sign's name you could see but it was kind of funny haha! At eight o' clock we were to board the train so we had a little while to go exploring the station and get dinner if you didn't have any. I bought some cookies and walked around with Amanda and Aryn. We boarded the train and I sat next to Jessica on the way back to Strasbourg. I read my book and listened to music again. Evelyne's older sister and brother pick me up from the station and we rode the tram back to their house. I got ready for bed and slept, slept, slept!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday March 29, 2009: Lazy Day

I woke up at 12 today and Evelyne said I slept a lot. I just laughed and said yes. I got dressed then ate breakfast which was bread and cereal (Fruit 'N Fibre). I brushed my teeth and put cream on my face. Then I read The Lighting Theif, I like the book a lot. Soon lunch was ready and there were crossiants!! The crossiants were cooked and it smelled like grill cheese. There was also fruit and crackers and other little snack like things to eat. I went back to reading after and later Evelyne asked me if I wanted to go see her school and downtown and so we left to go on the tram. It was my first time on a tram in France but I have been on one before or something like it in Canada. It was interesting and there were many stops before we reached our destination. We got off and started walking. Back home, once we reached our destination, all the walking we had to do was to walk into the store/place. Here in France, you have to take the tram and then walk and walk and walk! Haha! I like walking and so Evelyne showed me her school and we continue walking around downtown. We pass the Cathedrale and other little shops. It was getting late so we headed back to the tram and rode all the way home to walk up to her house/apartment/condo (I am not sure what you would call it haha!). Dinner was served shortly after we arrive home and I read until dinner. For dessert, there was fruit: pears, Chinese pear, and apples. Dinner was curry with chicken, carrots, and sauce in the curry and bread. It was good and after dinner I took a shower and got ready for bed and then slept! Tomorrow would be my first day at a French school!

Sunday April 5, 2009: Birds!

Evelyne woke me up at nine so I could finish my entries, breakfast, and getting ready before we left for the park at 12:30. I put all my bathroom items in a bag and went to take a shower. I took out my retainer and then went into the shower. During my shower, someone opened the door! I gasped and didn't know what to do but whoever it was shut the door and left. A few minutes later the brother knock on the door asking if it was alright if in 15 minutes he could use the bathroom. I said yes and hurried with getting dress. I left and went to finish my entries and eat breakfast. Breakfast was like yesterday, bread and cereal (Special K today). I had Nutella, chicken slice, butter, fig jam, and honey on different slice of bread (but I di try Nutella on my chicken slice it tsted good!). I had Special K too. Yum yum! Then I went to brush my teeth, put in my contacts, and cream my face. I listened to music and typing then read until we left to go the park. We left at 12:30 and rode the tram to the park. There were many pretty flowers and there was a little zoo! I took pictures of the animals which there were lots and lots of birds: parrots, flamingos, peacocks, white stork, ducks, and geese. There were monkeys, lynx, and goat like animals too. Evelyne and I met up with Sara, Jessica, and Emma. We walked around the park, climbed a figure (not sure what the name is haha!), and then they left. Evelyne and I walked away and I got ice cream but she didn't because she didn't have money. Then we walked to the tram and to a different internet shop and that is where I am now!!